Sasita / Samarnpharb

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In year 2011, I graduated my BA degree in Visual Arts. Later, I continued my MA study abroad at Camberwell college of Arts, London in Illustration field. Now, I located back in Bangkok, Thailand to start my working as visual artist, illustrator, and art tutor.

I specialise in traditional skills, graphite drawing, watercolour, and acrylic painting. I also have an understanding of basic calligraphy and digital processes which I sometimes combine with my traditional work in order to create pieces with a different perspective.

My work is sightly conceptual. I use signs and symbols in my works to guide the narrative. I would love to challenging myself by creating new creative works to have my works exposed by varied viewers and clients.


✧ Here comes a part my inner journey ✧
In a late of 2018, I found my soul’s purpose after encountered my person. I started a Facebook page, ‘6.16 AM‘ to assist people seeing that to be loved is to love themselves. Not much later, I discovered my intuitive gifts in channeling and divination. Since then, I am learning to align myself with an knowledge of nature and universe.

I was in my darkest place and I don’t want anyone to walk the same path as I used to. I learnt that every second is worth living ever since I battled my shadow and carried victory back home.

So I am now living in my best moment and I would love to see you all in your light too. So that's 6.16AM started, so that I read energies and request divined guides for you.

I want to see you glow as much as you grow.








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